Why Do Some Men Use Women?


15 June 2014

Why do men use women? What are the signs of a man who just wants to get laid in comparison to someone who wants to be in a relationship?
Without going into the boring details of just how much of a dickhead this particular guy was; I am disappointed with myself that once again I have not seen the signs of a player. 
I thought;
‘maybe this is it’ 
‘maybe it will grow into something’ 
‘maybe he will change when he realises what he has and what he can have with me’ 
I thought ‘he’s old enough to not be just after one thing; 
He’s kind to me, 
He’s affectionate and obviously attracted to me’...

Seriously…wake up to yourself FiestyFemmeSyd!

So did I feel foolish when he said to me that ‘this was never going to be anything more than sex?’  Of course I did! Was I disappointed......well kind of! Did I really want to be with him....not really? Was he the man of my dreams? Fuck No! So why am I so disappointed? It’s not like he’s the last man on earth.
Needless to say, as soon as this reality was brought to my awareness I instantly deleted his details, blocked him from all social media and decided that I would not allow myself to be treated like that again. Furthermore I would not beat myself up about it because it was just as fun for me.
I guess this just reminds me of how much I am fed up with the whole guessing game and getting to know someone process; which can be so unpredictable sometimes. So, why do I give men that are subpar and not completely what I want a chance? 
Looks like I need to do more work on my self-esteem. It’s not like I don’t know what I do and don’t want. I have to stop having a glimmer of hope that something might become of having a male in my life.
It is not like he didn’t display signs of respect and interest. We did the movies thing, the watching of DVD’s on the couch thing where nothing happened, we did the talking for hour’s thing where nothing happening as well.
This revelation last night made me come to the following conclusion; I need a ‘process of elimination’.
As always the best discussions are happening over in the community boards so members of The Singles Sisterhood we'll meet you over in there so we can explore this topic a little more in depth. Tell us your experiences - have you ever felt used?
Feisty Femme Syd


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