Why We Started This


The “we” is me. Hi, I’m Sladana. I was in love with a guy. We were together a year. And then he broke up with me by text message.
I was devastated and humiliated and needed someone to talk to. But my ego was too bruised to really open up to my friends. What I wanted was a community, a circle of people who “got” it and could share their stories and give me a giant virtual hug.
I didn’t want to hear, “Oh, you’ll find someone else.” I wanted to hear, “I’m right there with you. I’ve been through it, and you’ll get through it too.”

Creating Our Tribe at The Singles Sisterhood

No Other Place Like this Anywhere Online

Shockingly, there was no place like this. No forum, hangout, group, or membership site that offered this kind of support. So I created it. And here we are. This is the exact community I needed, and I hope it’s exactly what you need, too. 

Join The Singles Sisterhood and feel proud that you were one of the founding members of the single woman movement


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What We Offer

Included in The Single Sisterhood Membership, members receive;
  • Access to the members-only Community Boards. Here’s where you can open up, support each other, pour out your feelings, and trade war stories from the singlefront -- weathering the holiday parties, dating that guy who turned out to be married, the constant “why are you still single” at family picnics, wondering if it’s time to settle for Mr. So-So -- all to other women who get it.
  • Exclusive resources (quick, at-a-glance printables) to help you get creative, make money, get mindful, get healthy, be safe at home, get your finances in order and more. Each resource is instantly downloadable from the members library at the touch of a button with new resources being added fortnightly.
  • Full access to all our growing library of eCourses designed for the specific needs of the single woman. Our current courses include:
  • The Happy Single (our signature program)
  • Healing After a Break-Up eCourse,
  • Preparing Your Life for Your Ideal Partner eCourse
  • Weight Release with The Law of Attraction
  • 3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Partner
  • All eCourses are available in the members area for you so you can take your time and do it at your own pace. We regularly release new eCourses through-out the year.
  • Access to Kate Andrews, our resident Life Coach, who provides helpful insight on reaching your goals, navigating the transitions of life, strengthening your forgiveness muscle, increasing your resilience and many other avenues to live a brilliant, fulfilling life.
  • For each topic, Kate provides a blog post, a video, and workbook - and then jumps into the community board for interactive, highly personal live coaching. 
And finally...... along with all this members-only content, you’ll get members-only discussions around our popular free offerings, such as
Weekly Discussion Points Videos such as Mistaken Beliefs, Manifesting Mastery, The Dangers of Perfectionism etc.
Weekly Talks with Gee Videos including: Toxic Relationships, He’s Taken, Self-Love, Making Decisions, Love Languages.
Monthly Retail Therapy Videos: Videos showing me unboxing goods that I’ve bought and that are available for purchase through my affiliate links. I’ve unboxed a favorite book, Danielle Laporte’s candles and Truthbomb Decks, and a gorgeous inspirational canvas. I’ll keep ‘em coming!
Dating Story Time Videos: Gather round for monthly videos of my dating stories when I was single. Prepare for gory details! And a big dose of, “Phew, I’m not the only one.”



"When women support each other incredible things happen" - Uplift