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Weight Release Meditation

If You Want More Inner Peace, Well Being, And Happiness In Your Life, Learn To Meditate.
Meditation has been practiced in India for thousands of years because people knew that it reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace.
During Meditation, the mental activity settles down spontaneously to quieter and quieter levels, until the mind goes beyond thinking to arrive at the silent, peaceful state of pure awareness. Over time, as you continue to meditate for twenty minutes twice a day, the qualities of that state - serenity, harmony, steadiness of mind - increasingly permeate your life. 
Regular meditation creates a deep rest that builds up in the body over time, and it is that deepening reservoir of rest that reduces stress and results in the many other health benefits.
This Weight Release Meditation has been designed to help shift unwanted weight on a deeper level. The combination of stillness and deep breathing that occurs in meditation opens a channel for permanent change.
As part of our Weight Release with The Law of Attraction eCourse this meditation can be used every day to increase inner peace, acceptance and change.
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