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Top 20 Tips for Staying Home Safe

This downloadable will guide you to the best measures you can take to keep you as safe and independent as possible.
Being single means we must be responsible for our complete safety. We are the ones who must remember to lock doors and windows at the end of every day. We are also the ones who should ensure our overgrown bushes in the front yard get a regular trim so as to not obscure our windows.
Such safety measures generally mean we find ourselves becoming a jack of all trades. Knowing what tools are needed and how to use them will ultimately become your first port-of-call.
With that said, however, there are plenty of additional non-tool necessary ways you can ensure your own safety.
Remember balance is key to anything. So, remain vigilant but level-headed about the process. Always believe that you are safe and protected but take a few steps to ensure you can rest your head soundly at night and know that you’ve taken the adequate steps to live in a safe home.
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