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To honour all the wonderful advantages and independence, we have complied a colouring book specifically for single women to stay in the present moment where peace and ease reside.
Mindful colouring for the kid within us. Learn to appreciate the single life.
We all experience stress, unease and anxiety at different times in our lives. And for some of us it’s all the time. In recent years’ science, has become aware just how much mindfulness can ease the tension we are feeling. 
Mindfulness means living in the moment; accepting what is and being totally aware of your surroundings. Our stress and ill-ease comes from either worrying about the future or holding onto the past longer than we should.
As single women and active members of society we may get caught up in the stigma of singlehood. We may spend time comparing ourselves to others, wishing we had something that we don’t and miss all the wonderful things are independent lifestyles avails us.
We took ordinary everyday activities and turned them into little slices of mindfulness. These 25 beautiful illustrated images are designed to connect you to your happy single life.
Colour in the images and remember the wonderful life you have created for yourself. It’s another form of meditation actually; bringing you into the present moment, to love your life exactly as it is.
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