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The Happy Single Meditation

As part of Signature eCourse ‘The Happy Single’ we’ve developed this 7-minute meditation for single people who want to a become happier and more contented single.
There are far better ways of becoming single and happy than resorting to statements like “at least I have my independence”, “at least I have the bed to myself”, “I don’t have to compromise”, “50% of marriages end up divorced anyway” and countless others. 
These statements are full of resistance and have an element of defeat in them. Resistance of these negative core feelings are not always so clear and obvious to us while we are saying them.
There’s a universal concept called “the truth of the universe”. This concept maintains that when we remove the layers of human conditioning, judgment and expectations we are left with the truth of the universe.
It is within this truth that we truly understand our inherent value, worth and completeness.
You were born whole. You did not come into this world broken and in need of repair, you came into the world to add your flare and personality to it. 
It is within this contentment that life feels a lot easier and pleasurable to manage. Seek to find joy within yourself first so that the other pieces will come together nicely.  
Download it now to delve deeper into a happy and contented single life.
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