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Retirement Planning Meditation

The concept of doing a meditation for retirement may seem a little odd but…
Right now retirement may seem like a faraway concept. You don’t spend much time thinking about it and you probably don’t really care too much either.
As part of our Investment and Pension Planning for Singles eCourse we have included this meditation in the course content to help you align your thoughts toward your retirement dreams.
That is the exact reason we developed this mediation in the first place.
To create a space within your consciousness to include future proofing your thinking patterns now.
This visualisation mediation will help you see your retirement a lot more clearly; we are working with the end result in mind.
Working backwards means that you can see the type of retirement lifestyle you dream of and calculate how you plan on getting there.
Visualise yourself living by the beach or traveling overseas to experience all those adventures you’ve always dreamt of.
You can do this meditation regularly when you begin your investment journey then sprinkle it in once in a while to help keep you focused on the end result.
Members can pop into the Resource Library to grab this mediation or go straight to the eCourse section of the member’s area to do the course and meditation at your leisure.
If you’re not a member of The Singles Sisterhood and would like to be to access this mediation and eCourse then just click 'join' to get you on your way to your retirement dreams.


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