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Relaxation Meditation

How often do you rush around in your day, never bothering to check-in with yourself to see how you are actually going and process what’s been happening in your life?
When we are operating from this space we are almost like robots because we are not travelling through each day with a sense of connectedness.
Connectedness to what? Connectedness to ourselves. Connectedness to our breath, our bodies, our desires, our purpose or our ultimate source of energy… It is this lack of connectedness leaves us feeling drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed and unsatisfied.
This constant state of do, do, do does nothing but wear us down and is not conducive to creating an optimal level of health and happiness in our lives.
Of possibly even greater significance, is that when we are in this state we are unable to consciously program our ‘reality’ we are merely just reacting to what’s being ‘thrown’ at us and more than likely, creating more of the same. 
Stopping and checking in with ourselves, acknowledging the natural rhythm of our breath, the intelligence of our bodies and appreciating everything we do have in this moment now is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves.
The simple act to stop and clear our minds of the constant barrage of thought reconnects us with our power, enabling us (if we choose and intend) to let go of any heaviness and return to a sense of stillness and peace within. A place where we can relax and know we are divinely supported, guided and held.
Our minds are SO incredibly powerful. It is our choice if we let them run away and amplify the things we are feeling we would rather not feel, or alternatively pre-pave how we would like to feel by creating a sense of ease and relaxation from within.
I invite you to listen to the relaxation meditation to reset your entire being when you may be feeling disconnected from yourself and stressed, anxious, worried, out of balance and tired. 
This meditation is designed to reconnect you to your own inner healer, wiping the slate clean so you can go forward and manifest things in accordance with your hearts desires from a place of complete relaxation and ease.


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