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Preparing for Your Ideal Partner eCourse

You must first make room in your life before you can consider bringing in the love of you life. Start here to clear away the unnecessary 'clutter'.
The first in our Declutter Your Life Series this mini eCourse will set you on the right path to finding your ideal partner.
Helping you identify the areas in your life where you may be stagnant and thus keeping a potential partner away.
You'll learn to clear out old patterns and make room for new healthy alternatives.
Begin you journey to finding love now with this mini eCourse, here we'll cover;
Releasing Negativity, Your Big To-Do and Goals and Your Ideal Partner 
Ever tried cramming another pair of shoes into an overfilled cupboard? Or eating a massive dessert while you’re already full and want to burst?
In a similar fashion some of us have tried to fit a new healthy relationship into an overstocked busy life. It just won’t fit.
Your overstocked “life” is already full of clutter which includes your opinions, beliefs, habits, your job, home, friends and family, your activities and interests. These things by themselves aren’t necessarily “clutter” but when you look at them objectively and put them all together it can all be quite overwhelming.
Take a look around your home; what does it look like, are there piles of junk littered anywhere. And what about that shoe cupboard – is it overflowing with shoes that you wore to your high school prom or formal?
Now take a look inside yourself, what lingering opinions, slights and resentments are you hanging onto? It’s important to quarantine and then heal anything that no longer serves you.
Do you think all men are bastards or do you believe there is good in everyone? Your opinions will determine who comes into your life. If you believe all men only want one thing - then that is exactly what you’ll find.
The combination of the cluttered home and cluttered mind means you don’t have the necessary empty space for your ideal partner to potentially occupy. A cluttered mind = a cluttered life.
Great things happen when you give your home and your life a “spring clean”. Clear out anything that doesn’t feel good for you. Clear out the internal and external clutter that lingers in and around you. Give your new mate the opportunity to find you by leaving a figurative light on inside you.
Once you successfully complete the Preparing for Your Ideal Partner eCourse you will be ready for our 3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Partner eCourse. In this course you will delve deeper into being authentically irresistible, learn the 5 types of love, replacing limiting beliefs, finely tuning your intuition and many many other strategies to attracting the best type of love into your life.
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