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My Today Journal

This beautifully designed Journal to help inspire your greatness. The 'My Today Journal' A4 Digital Download is designed to inspire you to make quick daily notes for daily reflection and gratitude.
It’s perfect for you if you are motivated to write down your thoughts and aspirations but don’t wish to spend more than 10 minutes a day doing so.

In only a few minutes a day of self-reflection and thoughts of gratitude you can bring forth lovely feelings of joy, peace and hope. 

This beautiful journal was designed to keep you coming back for more so that you can build on from your personal discoveries of the previous day.

Included in the journal are extra pages for inspired action. Touching on each element of life; Mind, Body and Spirit as well as a Looking Ahead section to keep you motivated and moving forward.
The significance of gratitude and positivity is incredibly important when wanting to manifest a desired life and outcomes. A positive mind will produce positive outcomes every single time while a negative mind will never produce a positive outcome – ever! 
Our lives today are the sum-total of our thoughts over the last couple of years. So essentially we are living out our dreams and fears based on what our thoughts were many many months ago.
If you don’t want something to happen – don’t think about it. But if you want something to happen then you must spend your day thinking, imagining and feeling what it would be like to be, do or have exactly what you what.
Feeling great about our life and dreams brings them closer to us while any fears or negative thoughts such as “that’ll never happen for me” pushes our dreams further away.
It’s such a logical concept and yet we struggle with it none-the-less.
Get yourself on the positive freight train today and start building the momentum to reach your dream life sooner.
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