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Moving Cheat Sheet

Let this resource take away the stress that comes along with moving house.
Starting with top tips this resource will give you some great advice on saving money on packing materials by using household items instead, items that you may not have ordinarily thought of, as well as and many other helpful tips. 
The second page of this resources gives you a table in which you can record the number of boxes in each room and the order in which they are to be unpacked. Making sure your most important items are easy to locate and reduces the time you’ll spend unnecessarily opening and rifling through the wrong boxes.
Moving onto our third page you’ll find an ascending list of to-do’s and tasks that need to be taken care of during the move. This list alone can remove much of the confusion of the necessary and sometimes, forgotten till the last minute tasks, during the moving process. 
And on our final page you’ll find a list for you to gather up the companies/businesses you’ll need to contact regarding your new change of address.
Do go through your wallet, filing cabinets and phone to locate all the companies you have accounts with and don’t forget to include any online accounts you may have. 
This one resource alone has so much value and will alleviate a lot of your mental anguish trying to remember everything you need to take care of during your move. 
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