Meet Sophy | Our Sponsored Child


Sladana Mitrovic
27 April 2017

Here we are in the first week of our most recent relaunch and we couldn’t be more excited.
The journey to this point has been heart-warming as I hear about your stories of your life thus far. I feel truly humbled and inspired by the women we have in our community who trust us enough to open themselves up to this new growing community of single women.
Our members, our sisters, are loving and supportive of each other, we come together in strength to grow our lives in ways we only imagined.

You’ve arrived with an open heart to embrace and be embraced in a way that has never been offered online before.

Sisters, you’ve inspired us at so much and to thank you we have decided to honour you by sponsoring a child in The Singles Sisterhood’s name.
Through World Vision Australia we have been granted sponsorship and a glimpse into the life of an adorable 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.
She has the face of an angel and the resilience and wisdom of a full-grown adult.
Our little Sophy has touched the lives of us here at as we watch her progress and witness her come leaps and bounds with every day that passes.
We have a some pictures of Sophy and updates on her progress in the member’s area. We’ll regularly let you know how she is doing and what improvements have been made in her community through our sponsorship.
If you would like to communicate with Sophy please do so by sending us an email and we’ll be sure to pass on your kind messages of love and hope.
It is our dream that we sponsor more children just like Sophy across the world. As our membership grows we promise to do more in your name. We promise to sponsor more children and communities in third world countries who are so desperately in need of some kindness.
From my heart, I want to thank you; thank you for being part of The Singles Sisterhood because you are the reason that Sophy now has a future that she only ever imagined in her wildest dreams. 
Members of The Singles Sisterhood pop over to Sophy’s page in the member’s area and leave a nice comment for her and we’ll be sure to pass on all your kind messages to her.
If you're not a member we'd love to have you in The Singles Sisterhood; its the Facebook for single women (kinda).
Lots of love
Sladana xxx


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