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Manifesting Made Easy Cheat Sheet

Manifesting your dreams has never been easier with this Manifesting Made Easy Cheat Sheet It’s just so scary to think how easy manifesting really is when we consciously know how to do it.
We are actually already very good at it and do it all day every day but for the most part we are completely unaware of its existence or power.
We very easily manifest phone calls from friends, a clear run of green lights, a movie on TV we’ve been dying to watch or a gift from a loved one that turns out to be those pair of ruby pumps we’ve been secretly eyeing off.
But it gets tricky when we decide we want to manifest something bigger and more important because our internal dialogue or “realistic” brain drops in to stop us in our tracks. We believe that manifesting any substantial or meaningful is just too hard and shouldn’t be attempted.
As some of you already know my story, that after being single most of my life and being completely content and happy as a single I decided that I wanted to manifest the man of my dreams.
I did all the research, aligned my desires and took the actions and within 8 months manifested said dream man.
While I teach others to do the same in my 3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Partner eCourse I decided to put a Manifesting Made Easy Cheat Sheet together to get you moving in the right direction to manifesting your deepest desires. 
This cheat sheet helps you to set a major goal for yourself then guides you into decluttering your current thinking to help remove any blocks or resistance and finally helps you set positive reminders and affirmations to draw your goal into reality.
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