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Investment and Pension Planning for Singles

Do you dream about international travel and maybe volunteering your time? If you do, then you’ll need to ensure you’ve saved enough money to make your retirements dreams a reality.
If you’ve ever planned anything for your future you’ll know that it takes a lot of commitment and forethought to get you to the end goal.
And when it comes to something as BIG as a plan for your retirement we must sit up and take notice; the sooner you start the better off you’ll be.
There is no time like the present to think about what type of lifestyle you dream about in retirement and start saving toward that lifestyle now.
I’ve watched some of the people around me who have long been retired but are running out of money, they either didn’t anticipate living as long as they have or they didn’t plan well enough.
Luckily here in Australia our Government steps in to subsidise our living expenses if our nest egg runs out but who wants to wait on the Government for support. But over the years and with many changes in political party our pensioners are getting less support. 
So, the best and most responsible thing we can do now is to think about our own retirement as soon as humanly possible. 
To help our single sisters in our membership we have launched an eCourse to help get you thinking and planning for your retirement.
You can start now with our Investment and Pension Planning for Singles eCourse developed by our wonderful Jennifer Robson.
It will help give you the first steps to saving for your retirement in practical and easy ways. Through budgets and many other exercises all designed to give you the retired life of your dreams.
Members can pop into the eCourse section of the member’s area and do the course at your leisure. There are workbooks, videos and even a meditation to help get you on your way.
If you’re not a member of The Singles Sisterhood and would like to be to access this eCourse and others then just click 'join' below to get you on your way to your retirement dreams.
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