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Hotties Who Hustle Business Meditation

A guided meditation designed to eliminate self-imposed limitations and help you surrender control to the Universe. A blissful soul-fueled experience that transcends the physical and taps into your spiritual power.
This meditation takes you on a deep spiritual journey utilising a visualisation practice that taps into your subconscious and guides your thoughts into releasing your blocks and surrendering control to the Universe. Your brain is a muscle and just as we exercise our bodies, we must exercise our minds. And to transcend past the illusions of this physical condition, we must silence our minds so that we can see through our third eye and into ascension.
This meditation has been created for you - the powerful woman on a mission to share her gifts with the world and serve her people. This meditation is FREE to all the members of the Singles Sisterhood, to access this guided meditation please click 'join' below.


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