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Hotties Who Hustle: The Complete Toolkit for Building a Business. A course created for extraordinary women who want to serve the world with their unique gifts while thriving at the business they built themselves.
This course has been carefully crafted to cater to the needs of modern entrepreneurial women who want to balance the feminine and masculine elements of business. Each module touches on an intrinsic part of the business building process and is completely customisable to any industry, online or offline, anywhere in the world.
Module One is called Surrender. Module One focuses on releasing what no longer serves us. We spend some time learning how to distinguish between needing clarity versus releasing blocks, how to surrender control to the Universe and how to allow new opportunities to flow to you.
Module Two is called Idea Factory. Module Two takes you through the process of figuring out what business to build. This module will still be useful even if you have a business idea in mind, because it will help you fine tune your ideas or even determine if your current idea is viable. We go through brainstorming ideas for a business, how to figure out what business aligns with your soul and how to use your intuition to make that decision.
Module Three is called Start-Up Session. Module Three takes you step-by-step through setting up your start-up; from all the technical elements, all the legal elements, and all the important business tools you’ll need.
Module Four is called Social Butterfly. Module Four is where we talk about all things social media. We address platforms, communicating with your people, finding your people, speaking their language, creating engaging content and social media management.
Module Five is called Money Talk. Module Five focuses on manifesting money, creating packages that sell, creating creative opt-ins that lead to sellable products or services, emails and content.
Module Six is called The Intuitive Hustler. Module Six focuses on mastering the art of Online Marketing. We cover all the essential marketing tools you’ll need to build a thriving empire. Each activity is customisable and is led intuitively. Module Six pays special attention to the balance between the “intuitive” side of business and the “hustle” side of business - finding a balance that suits your goals, personality and business structure.
Collectively, these modules make up the foundational framework for building a business. You could be anywhere on your business-building journey and still benefit from this course. This course was created with YOU in mind. It is completely for your benefit. We hold your hand along the way, provide you with a training video each module along with a workbook that helps piece together your conscious and subconscious thoughts about your business.
This DIY approach is exactly what you have been asking for and we have delivered it in the most beautiful way. This course is available to all members of the Singles Sisterhood, and all you need to do to access the course is to click below to join.

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