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Healing After a Break-Up Mini eCourse

If you’re struggling to heal from a break-up then you can start here.
We grieve because we have lost something that we held dear or held high hopes of working out and when that’s gone it leaves an unnerving stillness within unlike any other.
Its ebbs, it flows all day every day until one day when the ebbs and flows become shorter and further apart.
There are no rules for how much pain is felt and we certainly can’t base it on the length of time we were together. I’ve known people who’ve gotten over a taxing 10-year relationship within weeks and others who felt immense pain after a brief love affair.
I think the level of pain is proportionate to how much hope we held for the relationship. The more hope we had the more pain we feel. So that friend of mine who was dumped after 10 years felt more relief than she felt pain. Why? Because she had very little hope for the future of the relationship; it had ended long before it was made official.
Those that feel the immense pain need to know that navigating through those grieving periods and trying to find the “self” that we once were before we were a “we” becomes the most necessary part in helping ease that pain and finding equilibrium again.
One major SNAG in trying to find ourselves again after a break-up is that we are no longer that person we once were. We are now a version of that once "self” layered with all the experiences and time we spent with this individual who is no longer part of our world. 
BUT to find the new you, you will have to start from the old version of you. What did you used to like doing? Do you still like to do that? Have your tastes change?
There is a path through this and that path is self-reflection and internal growth.
This means being able to see through the pain and push past negative thoughts into ease and feeling good.
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