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Easing Feelings of Loneliness

10 Minute Masterclass

*Heads up our first 10 Minute Masterclass is not 10 minutes long but rather 17+ minutes. Cutting down the video any further (from the original 45 mins) isn't possible without sacrificing significant helpful advice.

We’ve all felt the emptiness of loneliness creep in at one time or another.
We interpret this loneliness to mean that we are starving for outside stimulation but this is not true.
Loneliness means that we have disconnected from ourselves on an emotional level.
This personal disconnection is then simulated in the connections we have with our community.
The great news is that you have total control over these feelings. You can choose when you and how well you come out of these feelings.
While there will be a need for internal positive self-talk it will have to be balanced with the outside elements to ground you back into your community.
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