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Dreamtime: A Bedroom to Love

The most gorgeous bedroom in the world…
… should be your own.
Have you ever found yourself looking at images of beautiful bedrooms on Pinterest? Or found photos in a magazine of a sleeping nook that makes you want to climb into the scene right away and tuck yourself into the sheets? The internet (as well as decorating magazines) is full of ideas that can turn an ordinary bedroom into a luxury retreat, a serene place to find rest and relaxation, a cozy room reminiscent of a mountain cabin – or a stylish room your friends will envy.
It’s a sign that it’s time to change your own!
How do you know it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover? Here’s the thing. According to Karla McLaren, renowned for her work interpreting the language of emotions, envy and jealousy are the two feeling states to watch out for. Both are a signal from your subconscious that it’s time for a change – that you desire something you don’t currently have.
Envying a more beautiful interior (or anything else in the world, for that matter) doesn’t mean you need to get (or create) the EXACT thing you covet. Ask yourself: What is it about this picture that I envy? The answer could be that it’s tidier or more spacious than your bedroom, that it has high-quality linen or simply that it’s beautiful.
Now, you’ve found EXACTLY what you’re craving – and you can set out to recreate it in your own bedroom.
Why would I even care about the look of my bedroom?
Did you know that humans spend a third of their lifetime asleep? This means a person has spent more than 30 years in bed by the time they reach their 90th birthday. This is quite a lot of time!
Your home is a mirror image of life – and the same is true of your bedroom
When people are asked about their homes and they respond with something like “I love my house. It’s beautiful and I enjoy having plenty of room for creative projects,” they generally say the same thing about their lives: “I love my life. There are many moments of beauty in my daily life and I enjoy having the space for creativity in my life.”
Our homes are like a mirror image of our lives. The same is true for our bedrooms. Looking forward to sitting in bed, reading a few pages of a book, smiling when the sun shines through the blinds in the morning and putting an outfit together in a well-organized wardrobe are just a few of the moments you may experience when your bedroom is decorated to your taste.
Beauty can heal the world
Creating situations in your own house that you find wonderful, that make you smile and that you find gorgeous has an effect in your life: You get to experience this mindfully as you make changes in your own bedroom.
Beauty lifts the spirit and sparks inspiration. You can more easily go through a rainy day when your home is filled with wonderful things. Taking the time to appreciate what we created in the small world that is our home is a great way to bring mindfulness into our busy lives.
To help you do just that check our Dreamtime: A Bedroom to Love for Beauty Style and Recreation downloadable guide to creating the bedroom of your dreams.
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