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Christmas Planner

Your secret weapon to an organised Christmas masterpiece would come thanks to’s Christmas Planner downloadable.
Ever imagined a Christmas party where you are the host? What does it look like?
Are you completely organised and chilled out or are you like me, running around trying to keep everything together all the while wishing you’d never offered to host Christmas lunch in the first place.
In the past, I’ve hosted such events only to discover I’ve missed something when I needed it.
This makes my enjoyment of the event slide into an abyss of apologies, tears and regret.
Whether you're bringing together friends or family hosting an event can prove to be more difficult than you imagine.
So, what’s the answer?
What if we started the whole process weeks ahead, say 4 weeks before the main event?
Your secret weapon to an organised Christmas masterpiece could come thanks to’s Christmas Planner downloadable.
Packed with budgets and to-do lists, menus and grocery lists this beautiful gold PDF is your answer to a drama free Christmas lunch.
The only thing it doesn’t promise is that your guests will be well behaved! But then that’s what makes Christmas even more enjoyable, letting those close to us be their inappropriate selves.
So, if you planning Christmas at your house this year then I’d download this PDF and get moving to the best-organised event ever. Members of The Singles Sisterhood can access it now from the resource library in the member’s area.
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