Keeping Your Promises to Yourself


Jennifer Robson
27 July 2017

When we promise ourselves that we’ll do something, or promise to stop doing something, we feel it’s for our own good. We believe that life will be more satisfying with the change. We often fail to recognise that we are also testing our own integrity. 
It always feels rewarding to change our behaviour in ways that improve our lives. And it feels even better to know that we can rely on ourselves to keep the promises we make to ourselves.

Keeping our promises to ourselves enables us to dream big, to grow into and occupy that dream, and then to outgrow that dream and dream even bigger dreams.

When you can rely on your word, you become self-correcting and prevent any disruptions from jeopardizing the journey between your intention and your action. 
When you can’t rely on your own word you can begin to feel very guilty. 
Internally, we pretend it never happened, or that we weren’t serious about that promise in the first place.
Yet, the promises we make to ourselves are the most important ones. They are the ones that pave a path to our hopes, dreams, and goals.
You need to take self-promises as seriously as the obligations you take on for others. 
Committing to anything starts with committing to love and care for yourself. You need to attract the person in your vision by celebrating your ability to live and be that person. If you give up easily on that commitment you will never be able to manifest the body of your dreams. 
Here are 5 Ways to Keep Promises with Yourself:
  1. Write it down
  2. Make it visible
  3. Chart your daily actions
  4. Keep a gratitude journal
  5. Keep your goals short and manageable.
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