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Attract Your Ideal Partner Meditation

Ever wondered where to start when trying to find your ideal partner? There are a few places that can prove to be fruitful and one way is to meditate your way there.
Meditating on what you’d like to attract can have some powerful effects. No matter what your desire meditation can help get you there.
When we meditate, we envision our desire so passionately we can feel its immediate presence right then and there. This vision feels so wonderful its as though it wouldn’t matter at all if it came true or not because these wonderful sensations of its immediate presence in your body are enough. 
This is when you know you have reached manifestation brilliance. You are living your dream so vividly that it feels like it’s already happened.
And this my dear sisters, is the key to manifesting anything. Feel it into existence, live the same joy it would bring you if it were happening right now in this moment.
For those of you who wish to manifest their ideal partner, this meditation is for you.
This meditation will take you on a vivid visual journey into your future relationship. You will visualise your partners feature, their build, their hair colour but most of all you’ll visualise how it feels to be with them.
If you’re interested in finding your ideal partner, I would recommend starting here with this attracting your ideal partner meditation. Use it every day and allow yourself to be immersed in it completely for those 7 minutes. Allow yourself to indulge in the sensations visualisations and emotions.
Trust me you have nothing to lose.
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