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to the single girl

It doesn't have to be so hard

For so many years I, Sladana was desperately lonely. I HATED being single. I did everything I could to make it go away.

It never did. It seemed the faster I ran from it the longer it stayed.

In my mid 30’s I decided to surrender to my single status, I gave in and accepted what was.

At first, this acceptance came with great grief, but I learned to let go of the life I wanted and accept the life I had. For me, this was the hardest part.

BUT THEN something amazing took place; I started living an authentic life.

I allowed myself to become vulnerable by shedding the feelings of pretending to be ‘happily single’.

And that’s when everything changed for me.

Life became sweeter, more joyous.

Feelings of loneliness slowly disappeared. I replaced them with a curiosity for the life I had.

In the surrender process, my heart broke open - I allowed life in rather than run from it.

I read books, did self-help courses, I started from the inside out.

I embraced it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.

I took bits and pieces from books, online courses and any other material I could get my hands on so that I could to chisel out the NEW Sladana.

Then one day I no longer cared that I was single.

I was happy.

And that’s when it happened....

He entered my life.

Just when I no longer pined for him, he came all by himself.

My journey has brought me here. To a place where I want to take what I have learned and share it with the other Sladana’s out there.

I took my experiences, my teachings, my gurus and put them all in one place here at TheSingleLife.com for all the other lonely single girls out there.

The lessons, the stories, the reflections are all here in one place.

Because you don’t have to do it alone anymore; you have me.

your dream life awaits you

I’ll let you in on a little secret, everything you want is already inside you.
Just like buried treasure, the answers to all you seek are waiting inside to be discovered.
You just have to know where to look.
You want your dream life and partner but are spending all your time wishing and waiting for them to fall into your lap? 
If that’s you then this alone guarantees you’ll never get either.
You’ll never get them because you’re going about it the wrong way. You have made your life all about seeking the dream outside of yourself.
When in truth all you seek will come when you feel at peace with where you are now.
To get that fine, once-in-a-lifetime relationship and the brilliant life you must first build a full life for yourself.
The rule of thumb is, the more work you’re willing to do on the inside the better the relationship and life you’ll attract.
You can have it all by balancing the internal work with the right amount of trust and faith in the future.

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If we haven't met properly, then hello!

I'm Sladana - the creator of TheSingleLife.com and for too long I defined myself by my singleness and not by who I was.
I had the desire to live my best life and to maybe one day find my ideal partner.
I watched the people around me settling for a mediocre life and relationship and I didn’t want the same, I wanted magic!
So, I committed to being the best person I could be. I turned inward.
I'd spent so long looking outside myself for what I thought was missing.
But I soon discovered that nothing was missing.
Everything I had been seeking had been inside me all along, I just hadn't discovered it yet.
I spent thousands on myself - not for material wealth but for my personal development.
I wanted the best life possible and knew that I would have to invest in myself to get it.
And that's why I created TheSingleLife.com so that you too could discover who you really are and create your best life from the inside out!

I'll lead the way

The great part about all of this is that you’ve already started your new life by simply landing on my site. You see, I’ve done this process and done all the work on myself first THEN I found my perfect relationship! So come with me to discover your dream life.

here's how we'll do it together

By leading the way for you, you will develop your greatest self so that you may bring forth your greatest life and relationship.
With loads of training inside our members’ library, I and my lovely coaches will help you through the internal paths to self-discovery and ultimately to the dream life.
You’ll navigate your internal side first with training and life coaching lessons that focus on developing your internal world.
So, let go and fall in love with yourself through this stage. Find out who you are and who you are becoming.
When you feel ready to move onto creating your external dreams, like finding your ideal relationship or building your dream life you’ll find a tonne of training and resources to help you get there too.
Browse our free video library for a better idea about what’s in our full members’ library. Quick link to video library >>here.

implementation is the key

There is no shortage of helpful information online. I mean we have an entire members’ library of life-changing lessons ourselves BUT it’s all useless unless you deliberately implement the changes internally.
I’ve done it myself, for years I skirted around the edges of change and self-improvement but never actually applying the work and then scratching my head as to why nothing was changing.
Nothing was changing because I wasn’t applying the lessons into my life; its ALL about the implementation to create your dream life.
When I ask people why they don’t do the work to get their dream life the answer is always the same, “I don’t know where to start.”

Single does not equal incomplete.

You can love your life even if you’re “still looking for love".

it's perfectly normal to want to share your life with someone...

...but don't define yourself as "incomplete" in the meantime.
Your birthright is to feel complete and to embrace who you really are.
You want an ideal mate but you also want to feel whole without them too.
And here's the kicker you can't have the ideal relationship until you have nailed your relationship with yourself first!
When in reality it's not the fact that you are single that causes you pain, it's this tug-of-war between your inner being who is whispering "you are enough" and the outer world shouting "you are incomplete!"
This internal tug-of-war is exhausting and weakens the resolve. You end up buying into the societal consensus they are not enough because it's the dominant discourse - it's just easier to give in.
Another person does not make you whole.
Finding your ideal partner is a matter of removing the false layers that society has fed you and re-connecting with your whole self.

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here’s how you fail at creating your dreams

  • Not knowing what your dreams are.
  • Believing outside circumstances have kept your dreams away.
  • You believe watching inspirational videos is enough.
  • Not understanding all good things require effort.
  • Believing you can get the ideal partner/life without doing the internal work.
  • Giving up too quickly.

you don't have to do it alone

we are here too

"The Singles Sisterhood"

our sisterhood

Together we are a warm welcoming space online for single women. Single women all over the world are magnetised by our loving community and are drawn to us by their desire to feel more loved and their sense of belonging to a community.
We are a community of women who want to help each other heal and reach new heights of greatness. We vibrate positivity and comfort to all that come near.
Together we come alive and embrace our Sisterhood 24 hours a day. We are a thriving, expansive, healing space for single women. 
We are abundant in time, love and support for each other and like-minded single women come together to bond over shared experiences and understanding.
Our site makes our members feel they belong and abundant in love and friendship.

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