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3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Partner eCourse

I (Sladana) wrote this eCourse after using The Law of Attraction to find my husband. This eCourse takes you through every stage and shows you exactly what I did to make him a reality.
As the eCourse creator I knew all too well about the struggles of the dating game and decided to make a lasting change.
I researched ways to meet my ideal partner and after meeting my him I designed this 3 Step process based on The Law of Attraction principles.
If you are ready to meet the man of your dreams and stop the endless dating cycle, then this course may just be what you’re looking for. 
As part of this eCourse you will receive the Attracting Your Ideal Partner Meditation to help you on your journey to finding your ideal partner.
You don't have to do it alone because you can discuss your journey through this 3 Step Program with other participants in our Attracting Your Ideal Partner Community Board. 
The beautiful eCourse content and workbooks are yours to keep, you can revisit the worksheets as often as you wish. 
In This eCourse You Will Learn 
About the 3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Partner
About The Foundation of all Great Romances
The 5 Types of Love
The Signals Your Body Uses to Communicate
About Manifesting & The Law of Attraction
How to Finely Tune Your Intuition
How to Replace Old Limiting Beliefs
Where in Your Life You Are Out of Balance
About Menu Matching
About Being Authentically Irresistible
You Can Apply These 3 Steps to any Part of Your Life
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