You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Your Dreams – Just Take Action



Sladana Mitrovic
26 March 2019

If you’ve been doing the internal work for a while you know how important it is to do the work to get your dreams.

You’re removing old tired limiting beliefs, saying your affirmations, aligning with what it is you exactly want and probably doing everything in your power to get to your desire/s sooner.

What I’ve noticed in myself and people who follow me on social media is that there’s a misconception that we won’t get what we really want until we are perfect.

This is completely untrue.

The Universe only needs you to be in action-mode and making your way to your dreams through personal up-levelling, it does NOT need you to be perfect; ever.

Taking the active steps is all the proof the Universe needs to know you are serious about your dreams.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – The Universe Will Only Meet You Half Way!

One of my biggest desires as a long-time single was to find my mate. Pre my internal work up-levelling days I would sit at home believing that all I had to do was wish him here.

Probably part of the reason I was single for so long.

This goes for EVERY dream and desire, whatever it is. You can’t wish anything into existence.

You must take steps, even the smallest of steps, geez even half a step will do.

You can start by doing some research, know the in’s and the outs of what it is you’re trying to manifest.

If you want the all-time greatest guy, then dig deep into your dream list of qualities he has.

If you want to travel the globe, Google tours that can take you all around the world.

If you want a dream job, research companies who have the best track record for training and retaining staff.

Life will only make as much effort as you do.

Inspired action, any action, will do it and it never has to be perfect.