Why Your Fear is Keeping Your Dreams Away


Sladana Mitrovic
23 January 2019

There are two big emotions love and fear, and underneath fear and love, you can categorise the rest of our emotions and feelings.

Here’s just some of them:

Bitter, Cynical, Anxious, Insecure, Unworthy, Hatred, Anger, Rage, Blame, Worry, Doubt                     

Hope, Passion, Optimism, Contentment, Joy, Appreciation, Happiness, Eagerness, Gratitude, Freedom, Empowerment

So essentially, we are always doing things out of fear or love.

While love expands our life, fear contracts it.

When we feel fear, we are trying to protect ourselves from something we deem a threat.

That’s great if we’re protecting ourselves from a man-eating lion but when we are fearing the unknown or emotional hurt, we put up walls to keep ourselves safe.

Walls keep hurt out, but they keep out the good stuff too.

Walls keep us locked away, it makes our world so much smaller.

Here’s the thing:

  • Your dreams are on the other side of fear. They reside in a world that believes in joy and laughter and light.
  • Your dreams are expansive and only live inside love.
  • Your dreams come from love - The Universe sends them.

Love is openness, it’s inviting, warm and gentle. Its welcoming and compassionate, it always gives the benefit of the doubt. It’s the emotional home our soul resides in.

The Universe will not send you the man of your dreams if you’re afraid to love him. Or your dream job, if you’re afraid of success.

It will only send him/it when you are open and receptive to the experience of love.

Living in love means you understand that you are vulnerable to being hurt or disappointed but you’re willing to take the risk anyway.

No one wants to be hurt, no one, but everyone wants to feel love. So, we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to let a loving experience in.

I’m not asking you to go blindly into your dreams but instead clean up the internal dialogue you’ve got going on that might be keeping your dreams away.

If you believe that something is out of reach, then it is. If you believe all men are assholes, then that’s all you’ll attract.

We get what we believe; every time.

Your past experiences may be the reason for your shielded heart, but I bet you’re not happy about it.

I want you to do the following exercise; take out a note pad and write down your dream at the top of the page. Just pick one dream for now.

Then I want you to write all the negative beliefs you currently have around this dream.

So, for example, if you’re looking to find “the one” you may have negative beliefs that look like this:

  • It’ll never happen for me
  • All the good ones are taken
  • It’s just not in the cards for me

Once you have your list of all your negative thoughts and beliefs, we’re going to use a Hawaiian Healing Technique called Ho'oponopono to clear away all these blocks.

We call them blocks because these beliefs are blocking you from getting to your dreams.

The practice involves four statements:

  1. I forgive you
  2. I’m sorry
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

Pick one of the items on your list of negative beliefs.

Close your eyes and feel that belief in your body. This will probably feel uncomfortable, but you must feel it in order to heal it.

Once you can feel the negative belief come alive in your body then you say the above four statements.
Say them slowly and allow that old belief to wash away.

The order of the four statements does not matter. Find the sequence that works for you.

The object of this practice is to sooth and clear away the old beliefs that are holding you back.

Sometimes if you’ve held an incorrect or negative belief for a very long time it may take a little longer to clear.

You simply do it again until you can no longer feel it anywhere in your body.

If you’d like to start this practice today, I’ve got a Funsheet here for you to print off and start your journey to your dreams.

The objective of this exercise is to create a clear path to your dreams, removing everything that is standing in your way.

I know this will change your life instantly because it has mine.

Blessings to you on your journey.

Sladana xx