What I Wish I Knew Earlier


Sladana Mitrovic
13 February 2019

I wish someone had told me sooner that getting what you want is easier when you know how to do it.

But it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I learned there’s a process to getting EVERYTHING you want.

My dear friend Carol was the one who started the ball rolling on this and is actually the reason we are all here today.

She taught me all the secrets hidden in plain sight.

In all her gorgeousness Carol sat me down one day and told me that if I wanted the dream relationship then I’d have to follow a few steps (I also think she may have been tired of listening to my “there’s no good men left” speech).

Carol is a Law of Attraction expert, she knows what’s what to anything related to LoA.

One day she sat me down at her dining room table and pulled out a notepad and pen.

She wrote – "The Art of Allowing"

Then “Be Do Have” at the top of the page.

She instructed me that my days should now revolve around the Be Do Have concept if I wanted my dream life.

It goes something like this;

BE still and silent, meditate for 5 minutes on what I want to manifest i.e partner/abundance/house/children. Let this be the first thing I do every day.

DO write what I want on a piece of paper every day. Goals are manifested when we refresh them daily.

DO declutter my life of all negative thoughts

HAVE - receive your manifestations.

Initially, when manifesting anything you will first spend a majority of your time in BE and DO.

Don’t question the length of time it takes, allow and trust it will all unfold exactly as it needs too. Questioning is ultimately the reason our desires don’t manifest as quickly as we wish they would, if at all.

Negative thoughts such as questioning the timing of our dreams are like throwing a big bucket of ice water on the very things you want to make real.

Don’t do that.

It will take practice to get this right.

In psychological terms, we can "be" at any one of the below stages when learning a new skill like “the art of allowing”.

Unconsciously Unskilled – we don’t know that we don’t know.

Consciously Unskilled – we are aware we don’t know.

Consciously Skilled – we have practised long enough and now we can do it without thinking – sort of like driving.

I looked at those notes again the other day and my jaw dropped when I saw that I met the dream man exactly one year and one day from when I started my Be, Do, Have process.

Now that I knew how to do it, I wanted to share it with other women, so I developed a course to teach the process.
The course breaks the process down a little further though – I walk you through the way I did it.

That course is available inside the membership – I hope you enjoy it because I enjoyed making it.

Lots of love
Sladana xx

P.S the dream relationship DOES NOT mean it’s perfect, all healthy relationships require patience, forgiveness and trust.