The Universe is Waiting with Bated Breath to Bring You Your Dreams



Sladana Mitrovic
22 March 2019

I love that saying “The Universe Has Your Back” because it speaks so much truth.

There is nothing more delicious to The Universe than to bring you your deepest desires.

Like an excited puppy who wants to play fetch with you, The Universe wants to do the same for you.

It eagerly awaits you to throw something at it so it may fetch your desire for you.

The big BUT here is that you’re holding onto the ball too tight, you're imagining you have some sort of control of how and when The Universe will bring your desire to you.

Controlling how it comes is not your job.

When we throw our dream out there, we have to throw it with abandon, we have to trust that it will come when the time is right.

Being single for SO long I would think about my future husband and imaging why he was taking so long to manifest.

I’d imagine him in the throes of a break-up that would ultimately lead him to me. Or possibly travelling around the world for his work.

More often than not I had faith that he would arrive, but I also knew that I had to be patient and let The Universe deliver him at the best time for him and for me.

When we have 20/20 clarity on our dream then all we really need is faith and a little patience.

The clarity is most important because The Universe will bring you ANYTHING if you don’t know what you want exactly.

So, once you’ve got your dream down pact then it’s a matter of busying yourself in the meantime.

This does not have to be just about finding ‘the one’, it can be true for ANY dream.

Right now, I have many dreams that I want to bring to life and I still have to practice the same faith and patience that I had to manifest my husband.

The desire changes but the process remain the same.

Ask with Clarity

Wait with Eager Patience

That’s the process in a nutshell.

Go and write down your biggest dream with such intense clarity it feels like it’s already here.

Then imagine yourself throwing it out into The Universe for it to fetch it for you over and over again. Keep throwing it until you feel you’ve relinquished all false control.

Then enjoy the journey to getting it.