The Results of Yesterday’s Blog


Sladana Mitrovic
16 March 2019

Yesterday I admitted that I needed to implement extreme self-care to fill my own cup.

Well, it turns out I didn’t have it in me to even go for that walk let alone any of the other things I said I would do. Instead, I put on my most comfortable dress (that I wear around the house) and sat on the grass outside.

I played with the long strands of grass that felt like fine hair and I stretched out to take it all in.

I watched the puppies play in the park across from my house and breathed in all that glorious fresh air.

Turns out the extreme self-care I needed went back to grassroots if you will.

Such a simple act as sitting on the lawn made me feel like I did when I was a young child.

I have old pictures of me creating makeshift houses and picnics right there on the front lawn.

There is something so innocent and cleansing about doing something so humble. It brings me the same joy now that it did decades ago.

When I live by my truth and share who I really am I feel most alive.

Nature makes me drop my ego - I don’t have to pretend that I am anything other than who I am in that very moment.

It accepts me exactly as I show up to it.

Nature doesn’t try to change me or even help me, but it helps indirectly by being so open and ready to give me whatever it is I need.

And yesterday I needed to stop and feel peaceful, really peaceful and that started filling my cup for the first time in I don’t know how long.