The Paradox of Manifestation


Sladana Mitrovic
19 March 2019

Manifesting anything is like implementing a strategy but the instructions are in a different language.

And learning that language is the hardest part for obvious reasons.

From reading a tonne of books and doing even more courses on the Law of Attraction, my interpretation of manifesting goes something like this;

Step One - Figure out EXACTLY what you want. Write it down. How does your dream feel? What does it look like, smell like?

Step Two – Get rid of all shitty negative beliefs standing in the way of receiving said dream.

Step Three – Let it go and let God/The Universe take care of bringing it to you.

One of my favourite people Danielle LaPorte said it best, “you have to be all in and unattached” at the same time.

Each dream starts at Step One if you want to turn it to reality.

So far, I’ve manifested, new higher paying jobs, my wonderful husband, my new home and many many other things.

Each of these manifestations only came after I took Steps 1 through 3.

Every single dream we want to bring into reality has its own set of limiting negative beliefs associated with it.

We are filled to the brim with old tired thoughts about things that we’ve accumulated over the years.

We collect them like garbage, thinking they still have some value when in reality, only weigh us down from getting to the good stuff.

If you want to manifest anything, you’ll spend most of your time in Step Two. Uncovering, acknowledging, healing and releasing negative thought after negative thought.

Step two really has two parts, you have to simultaneously get rid of the crap while being perfectly at peace with where you are now right in this moment.

I touched on this in another blog recently. Learning to be totally happy with where you are right now is crucial because if you’re not, then it stands in the way of getting what you want.

Learning to love where you are in this moment is part of the clearing negative shit out of the way before you can openly receive your biggest dreams.

You can learn more about manifesting with the Manifesting Made Easy Cheat Sheet that can be download here to get you moving on your dreams.