The Ideal Single Life


Sladana Mitrovic
30 October 2015

Whenever I used to imagine the ideal single person I would envisage a great looking single woman who is completely content in being exactly who she is. 
She is unpretentious, humble, kind, secure in herself and she leads a full, well balanced and happy life. She’s compassionate to a fault, understanding of people’s imperfections and is rarely in a bad or sour mood.
I imagined her name to be Emma and she is completely at ease in her own skin. She goes to the gym 5 days a week and has a really glamorous job in investment banking. 
She plays pool on Wednesday nights with friends at the local bar and comes home to a lovely warm apartment that she fills with pictures of her family, pets and friends.
She is incredibly intelligent, self-sufficient and great with money. She dates regularly but is never disappointed when her relationships don’t work out because she knows she can’t truly lose what is ultimately destined for her.
She is content in her own life and knows that the ideal partner is out there somewhere for her and she’ll happily wait for their arrival.

Emma is exactly the type of single I aspired to be.

We always aim to be better and whether we realise it or not every person has a deeply rooted knowledge of what our best self-looks like.
This is especially true for those of us who are innately driven to be better than we were yesterday. Essentially we honour who we are today but we also look for the improvements we can make for tomorrow.
We look everywhere for a well balanced and self-realised life. And so we should. What is life if not to make ourselves better than we were yesterday.
I know this searching very well, I searched high and low looking to expand my understanding of myself and the "norms" society had cast upon me.
I wanted to bring something to The Singles Sisterhood that could do that for us, something that would bring out the best parts of us and make them even better.
Our awesome eCourse creator and blogger Jennifer Robson has developed The Happy Single eCourse specifically for our members.
This course can help you say yes to the opportunities being thrown at you that will ultimately change your life.
Members of The Singles Sisterhood have access to The Happy Single eCourse and all the resources that come along with it. Head over to your member's area to access this eCourse.
What do you image the ideal single life looks like - members can join the discussion in the community boards now. 

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