The Birth of


Sladana Mitrovic
30 September 2015

Many years ago while sitting at my desk I get this text message “yeah sorry babe as much as I think you're great I don’t want to see you anymore”.
That “heartfelt” text came from a guy I’d been seeing. You can imagine how shocked I was to receive such a text in the middle of a workday. No warning signs what-so-ever – I had no idea he was thinking about calling it quits.
The first thing I remember feeling was heartbroken and then came the shock. WHAT! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? WHAT HAPPENED?
I struggled to understand why but before I knew it my pride kicked in.
My response “It was lovely to know you, I wish you all the best”. I wasn’t going to show this guy how hurt I was and how desperately I wanted to know what had gone wrong.

Breaking it off with me via text was so cold and I refused to give him any satisfaction in knowing how deeply it cut me. So I responded with that equally blasé and unfeeling message.

20 minutes later and still sitting stunned at my desk I began to feel anxious. Those single person thoughts started to creep in “you’re gonna die alone and you’re not good enough” were bouncing around my head.
I stalked his messenger wall – back in those days MSN was huge and before Facebook was around. From his wall I could see that he’d been communicating with another girl and is going about his life like he hadn’t just crushed the heart of the girl he’d been seeing for the better part of a year. 
I needed to talk to someone then and there. But who could I turn too? It was the middle of the day and everyone I knew was at work and didn’t have time to talk me down from my heartbroken ledge.
So instead I turn to the internet, I thought there MUST be something out there where I could talk to other single women about what just happened. I searched and searched and searched some more but I discovered there was NOTHING out there to help me.
I couldn’t believe it, there was nothing out there for singles, there was no way for us single women to connect with each other for advice or a shoulder to cry on. And at that very moment, the seed had been sown for the
I went about my life and mended my broken heart and let the idea float around my head for a while without doing a thing to bring it to life. 
A couple years later and still single I discovered nothing had changed - there was still nothing out there like this site. So I started developing the concept for and made it even better than of my original idea.
I created to be a one-stop shop for single women the world over. Not only would I create a place where we could come and chat to each other about single life experiences, but I would also make it a place we could come and get most of our single life needs met.
I spent thousands of hours creating it, turning it into reality. I made it the home for singles I’d dreamed of. A place where we belonged, a place where we are accepted and honoured and supported.
It's so hard to believe that many years after it was first conceived in my mind – it is now finally a reality!
And somewhere along the way, I become no longer single but it changed none of my passion for the site. I love it's message and mission as much as I ever did and continue to develop it into bigger and brighter directions.
Members, the community boards are there and ready for you - head over now and join the plethora of conversations happening now!