Staying Positive on Your Journey – Making Peace With Where You Are


Jennifer Robson
13 July 2017

“No one can make you fail, no one can make you give up, only you get to choose to give up”

Whilst it might be easy to set a goal it can often be very hard for us to follow through with our intentions. Particularly if those intentions require us to unpick all the stories and lies we have told ourselves over many years. Silencing the little voice in our heads can be very challenging. 
Perseverance is the persistent effort of doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It’s easy to see how someone with strong perseverance is more likely to work towards a goal despite difficulties and thus achieve it.
Mindfulness meditation is one way to practice character strengths such as perseverance (Niemiec, Rashid & Spinella, 2012)
Often, we also stop working towards our goals or values because we feel that we have ‘failed’.
Maybe we have had one bar of chocolate even though we wanted to eat healthier, or we have missed one week in the gym.
A lot of the time, that is enough for us to give up.
When we practice mindfulness meditation we learn that getting off track with our intentions is part of the practice.
If we are mindful we learn to simply observe ourselves getting off track without criticism and simply re-focus on our intention.
Resilient people trust that there is a lesson to be learned in every challenging situation. 
When they experience a challenge they are likely to ask questions such as “what’s the lesson in this” “how can this help someone”
They are also more willing to be vulnerable and to ask for help.
If you find yourself challenged by your goal and on the brink of giving up, reach out to someone for help.
There is a lot of that support here in our membership. We will cheer you on every time you’re a little shaky and nervous about moving forward. We’ll motivate you and give you some tools that can help you on your journey.

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