Spirituality for One


Whenever I speak about spirituality I am talking about that aligned, well-balanced place where we can access the clearest forms of love and guidance.
As highly developed beings we are able to tune into a larger, non-physical, part of us all day every day but it can only be accessed if you deliberately search for it.
Most people who class themselves as spiritual will tell you they find their highest, most authentic self through meditation.
Meditation is the bridge between the physical you and that of our greatest teachers, guides and God.
Even though every human being on the face of the planet has direct access to this wisdom, only a small percentage ever actively search for it.
My own belief is that so few seek out this highest form of self simply because they are unaware of its presence. It is intangible to the naked eye so we fail to see it’s importance and availability.

We tend to live in an “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of reality, when in fact it’s more like, you’ll actually "see it when you believe it".

When you believe something is possible then you are already on the path to making it a reality.
In my own life, I credit this highest form of self with everything that truly matters to my heart. Everything great that has happened to me happened because I aligned my head, heart and body.
Spirituality can be difficult to describe and most people connect spirituality with religion. When in fact spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to religion.
Just like anything in life, religion has a place in this world and each religion has some wonderful aspects to it but they’re not the form of spirituality I practice.
While attending Sunday school as a young child I found myself resisting the teachings of the religion I was born into.
For instance, I couldn’t understand why a woman would have to stand at the back of the church whenever she was menstruating. My religion considers women to be dirty during their period but this just didn’t fit the God I knew in my heart.
I didn’t think this could truly be God’s desire - he, she, they gave me life, he gave me a miraculous ability to bear children and with that comes a natural cleansing of my uterus every month. I didn’t believe for a second that my God had these rules.
So I turned inside to find my own spirit, my own religion and my own understanding. As someone who is incredibly intuitive, I felt compelled to follow this peaceful belief system within me.
But it wasn’t until a few years ago, during an incredibly difficult time, that I knew I had to do something to ease the emotional discomfort I was feeling. I connected myself back into that spiritual place I discovered as a young child and began to meditate daily.
Now, having spent years in regular meditation, my internal compass has stabilised, I feel in control of my life and I no longer feel at the mercy of life's ups and downs.
If I’m struggling with any decision or need some general guidance I’ll lay on my lounge and go into a deep, relaxed state of meditation. Within minutes I am at complete ease and begin to feel waves of inspiration and wisdom come through. The messages are very subtle but I’ve learned to listen for and recognise them when they come.
This simple act of sitting peacefully for a few blissful minutes a day has made all the difference to my mind, body and spirit.
Not to mention the feelings of the pure pleasure of meditation is indescribable. It’s a feeling of complete surrender mixed with excitement, hope and peacefulness. Some days I’ll stay an extra 10-20 minutes for the pure joy of it.
If you are not convinced that meditation may be for you, then for no other reason just meditate to make your dreams come true.
Find a goal you so desperately want and sit in quiet meditation with this feeling. Imagine how you would feel if your dream was already a reality – feel the joy that it would bring to you. 
And watch it manifest into your life. It’s pure magic.
If you'd like to try your hand at meditation our members can access The Happy Single Meditation in the resource library now.
As always the best discussions are happening over in the community boards so members of The Singles Sisterhood we'll meet you over in there for a great chat about your spiritual practices.