Some Days Resistance Kicks My Ass



Sladana Mitrovic
27 March 2019

I’ve sat at my computer for 3 hours now and in that time I’ve written today’s to-do list, replied to an email and watched YouTube videos.

Watching YouTube videos is not on my to-do list and yet even as I write this it’s calling me back there.

My resistance for change is stronger today than other days and I can only put it down to one thing….

I have officially “finished” sorting out my personal life.

As you know I moved interstate 4 months ago and have been decluttering and setting up my new minimalist lifestyle, even going zero waste because I am super aware of what goes into landfill.

Yesterday I transferred my new license and car registration which was the last of the big to-do on my list.

But this morning I’m resisting starting this new life of mine.

I feel there’s just too much pressure, but where is this pressure coming from? It’s coming from Me obviously.

I’ve been a little stuck in comparison mode for a few weeks now and it’s kicking my ass BIG time.

If you were to crack open the inside my brain, you’ll find two people playing tug-of-war.

One person is saying, hey you’ve had a pretty hard few years and yesterday marks the end of all of that, take a day off.

And the other one is saying “don’t waste time, look at so-and-so they’re younger and further ahead of you.”

Neither voice is appealing or healthy, voice one really has me wanting to go back to YouTube right now but voice two keeps pushing back. So ultimately, I am stuck in the middle part called resistance.

We all experience this but if we are willing to keep starting the new life/routine or whatever over and over again eventually we'll get to our destination.

Since starting this blog I’ve checked my email three times, written a Facebook post and watched another video but here I am at the end of the blog.

It may have taken me a while to get to this point, but I got there none-the-less.

And so can you if you’re willing to take even the tiniest step in the right direction. It’s all about consistency without judging yourself too harshly for taking the more scenic route to the finish line.