Some Days Are Just Harder Than Others


Sladana Mitrovic
12 March 2019

I’ve noticed that when shit goes wrong it tends to go wrong on the same day/week/month.

I and a close friend of mine will talk about this at length because we don’t understand why when things are going well, they’re great. But when things go south then everything seems to follow.

I woke up this morning feeling the after effects of a hard day yesterday, I’ve never been drunk but I imagine this might be what a hangover feels like, minus the physical pain.

I feel completely depleted and it doesn’t help that today is supposed to be a very busy day.

But let me tell you about yesterday, the day started fine as it always does, I jumped out of bed to write yesterday’s blog. All good there, wrote it and all is still well.

As you may remember I’m at the tail end of a decluttering project and none of it wanted to work as I needed it too. Something that should have taken 10 mins to do was taking hours.

Meanwhile, the neighbour’s dog is barking from sun up to sun down yesterday NON-STOP. Nothing is wrong, she is fine, she’s just alone in the yard.

I then drop what I’m doing to run an errand that’s related to another project but I have to drive 45 minutes away to buy it.

I get there and they are completely out of stock, even though their website, which I checked before I left, says they have plenty of.

Before I left the house I decided I wanted a break from my mobile phone so I left it at home but when I get back there are a bunch of messages that didn’t have great news. And this was the straw that broke the camels back.

I burst into tears right there at my desk.

So, what is it about those bad days, is it that Murphy’s law thing?!

I do have a theory though, I think it might be the Universes way of piling all the shit stuff together on one day so your other days are more enjoyable.

I don’t know, it could also be the Law of Attraction doing its job of like attracts like - a shit moment followed by another and another.

It’s early the next morning now so I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for a better day today.

Whatever the reason I think when our day ends up like mine yesterday it’s just a matter of bracing yourself for the ride because resisting it will only prolong it.

Oh, look there goes the dog again….