Small Things You Can Do Everyday to Improve Your Life


Jennifer Robson
7 September 2017

Successful, happy, contented people are often successful happy and contented not because they are much luckier than the rest of us, or more wealthy or beautiful but because they have certain habits which they practice regularly to boost their daily lives
We have spoken to many people about what they do to boost their day and developed our 12-point checklist for you. 
Consistently we were told that having a plan of action for the day helps people to feel accomplish organised and capable of getting things done.  Lots of them told us that they like to use diaries or planner or checklists and other stationary packs to help them to plan their days and keep this plan visible. 
Top of the list of most peoples plan was a routine, which included a healthy breakfast and a 20 to the 30-minute exercise session. They told us this helps them to boost their mood and feel energised for the day ahead.  After the morning exercise, many took between 5 and 15 minutes to meditate, practice yoga or journal.  People journal in different ways, some people decided to create a gratitude journal where they wrote down lists of all the things they were grateful for that day, others wrote more traditional journals about their thoughts and experiences and some created visual art journals. The lucky ones who lived in pleasant climates choose to take this routine outdoors.  
Each of the people we spoke to told us that they make some time to either read or create something each day.  For some this was a nice meal, others choose to paint and sew, whilst others choose to create poetry.  
Being with friends and family was also really important. Some of the ideas were, 15 minutes reading their child a bedtime story, for others it was Skype or call a friend.  Some choose to volunteer at an old person’s home.  For everyone, they made some time in their day to be surrounded by or to speak to other people. 
We have put together a checklist of ideas, see how many you can incorporate into your life over the next few weeks. 

Summary Checklist
  1. Plan your day in the morning
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Make time for exercise
  4. Journal or meditate for 10 minutes a day
  5. Create something every day
  6. Spend time outdoors every day
  7. Read for at least 15 minutes a day
  8. Learn a language
  9. Talk to a friend or family member
  10. Write down what makes you happy
  11. Write down what makes you unhappy
  12. Write down something you are grateful for today

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