Setting Goals and Personal Development


Jennifer Robson
12 January 2016

In honour of the new year, we are dedicating this blog too personal growth, development, goal setting and spirituality.
Setting goals for yourself give you a sense of direction in life, and the steps you take to achieve those goals help you develop. Setting personal development goals for yourself can help you face your fears and move forward in life feeling successful and satisfied. Without setting your own goals you live in the illusion that you are doing a lot of things, but they aren’t what you want. You are just busy fulfilling everyone else’s goals.
I’ve found that having a personal development plan gives me a greater sense of clarity and helps me to understand my “why” giving me a greater sense of purpose. By setting my goals I articulate exactly what I want. I also ensure that I spend my time and energy doing the things that really matter to me. 
Personal development can be almost anything that helps you progress towards your goal. Goals help us control our emotions and our fears, and push through our most difficult times. Personal development is constant; every day you participate in some task that is helping you grow as a person, regardless of whether or not you realize it.

Top tips:

1. Understand your values
2. What excites you when you talk about it? What would you do today happily, even if you weren’t being paid? Write it down.
3. Find people who will encourage and motivate you to be your best.
4. Believe in yourself.
5. Stay away from those who do not believe in you or your dreams.
6. Use your time wisely.
7. Start with smaller goals and work your way up to the larger ones
8. There will be times where you’ll become sad and disheartened by the setbacks you have, but keep your eyes on what you want to achieve.
9. It doesn’t matter how old you are; it is never too late to go after your dreams.

Let's continue the discussion on personal development in the community boards - what are your goals for a fully realised life?