Jennifer Robson
30 November 2017

Self-acceptance is about acknowledging and celebrating the great things that make you who you are. Self-acceptance is an active process, which you need to work through. You must be willing to experience your, thoughts, feelings and emotions and acknowledge them without evading them. 
Many people use meditation techniques or journaling to help them to work through this process. 

Self-acceptance does not mean that you can’t change the things that you dislike about yourself though. 

If you deny how you truly feel you don’t take appropriate action to remedy the situation. This can cause internal conflict, which can manifest itself in physical symptoms such as stress, anger and anxiety. 
If you accept you are having an emotion, even if it’s one you do not like, you can take positive actions to alter your situation and change your mood. 
In order to achieve self-acceptance, we must first become self-aware. Many people use a journal to record their daily thoughts and feelings. This process helps them to acknowledge their own state of mind, be present in life and understand what triggered them to react to events in certain ways. Capturing all of these insights is a really powerful mechanism to be able to accept yourself and change the things you don’t like. 
If you already journal why not try writing down a situation and your reaction as it happened, now on the next page write the same situation but this time write how you would have preferred to act and why. 
The more you do this exercise the more aware you will be of alternative courses of action when events occur in your life and the more you will be able to choose to behave in a way which is more aligned with your true values. 
Journaling is highly underrated yet highly effective. Members of The Singles Sisterhood have access to a few different types of journal downloadables in the resource library.; from a travel journal to a pretty everyday journal.
If you would like more help with self-acceptance you can also head to the Members eCourse page to access the Self-Acceptance module in The Happy Single eCourse.