Rediscover Your Intuition


Sladana Mitrovic
16 January 2019

We are born with a power greater than us, a power we don’t understand logically, only spiritually, I’m talking about our intuition.

Your intuition is truly a gift, sometimes called a gut feeling, your intuition is a miraculous and priceless gift from the Gods.

Though if not nurtured or used, this power diminishes and slowly its mysterious presence begins to fade. The very thing that creates direction in our life and steers us away from less than ideal situations loses its influence in our lives and begins to slow down.

Imagine your intuition like a copper pipe connected to The Universe, God or whatever your truth is.
With time and underuse the copper pipe tarnishes and starts to slow down all messages to and from The Universe.

So, it’s never fully gone but it’s definitely in need of a regular clean and service.

Cleaning this spiritual muscle takes some practice and regular meditation.

Meditation is the cleaning solution that will make your intuition purr like a kitten once more.

I cannot live without my intuition and won’t even try. Regular meditation and quiet times help keep my connection sharp and tarnish free.

In so many instances my intuition has come in handy even possibly saved my life. There was one particular time my husband and I were driving home late one night.

We were driving the speed limit of 100 kilometres an hour, something we did regularly on this stretch of road. But this feeling began to wash over me, I felt we were going too fast.

I asked my husband to slow down, I could just sense something ahead wasn’t right.

Within minutes a car coming in the opposite direction was in our lane.

At 100 kilometres an hour, we were heading for a head-on collision but because we had slowed down earlier, we had just enough time to slow down further and avoid the collision entirely.

The experience left us totally unnerved but thankfully alive.

On another occasion, my intuition even led me to connect with my husband late one night.

I knew enough about how my intuition worked so I didn’t question it when it told me to open an online dating account with a particular dating site very late one Sunday evening.

I followed its guidance, even though it did feel kinda weird given it was 10pm and I had already started to prepare for bed.

But I did it anyway and low and behold what did I see when I finished my profile, my future husbands face on the screen in front of me. And yes, I knew it was him instantly, again my intuition told me so.

Your intuition will always guide you in the right direction, always.

Learn to rediscover your intuition so that it too can help guide you, you don’t have to do it alone, it’s there to help you.

I’ve developed a meditation (click here to get it) specifically to clean the fuzz from your intuition copper pipe.

Use it every day until your intuition is firing on all cylinders, then revisit it every-so-often when it needs another clean or service.

Learn to lean into your intuition, it always has your best interest at heart.

Trust me.

Sladana xx