My Struggles With Weight


Sladana Mitrovic
28 February 2019

There is nothing more challenging than pushing through resistance when you want to make improvements to your life.

Thus far my weight has been one of the biggest challenges of my life.

The second I want to do something about losing some weight my brain will show me an image of my favourite food and say “do you really want to go without this?”

Food is my weakness, I soothe myself with it, I celebrate with it and I simply love the feeling of emotional relief when I have taken my first few bites. It is my drug of choice.

I’ve heard Oprah speak about her battle with weight over the years. She says the problem with having an addiction to food is that we all have to eat, so having to make the right food choices 3 times a day can be very hard.

It’s not like you can avoid food like an alcoholic can avoid alcohol or an ice addict avoid the drug – food is always tempting because it’s always there.

While I’m at it I want to also express my absolute frustration with people who assume to tell me about calories, what’s good for me, what happens to the body when overweight etc etc etc.

People with weight issues probably know more about this topic than anyone.

We have read countless books, researched studies, tried counselling and intervention, seen doctors and weight experts and naturopaths. I think I can safely say that unless your some doctor or psychologist who has discovered something new then what you have to tell me I’ve probably already known for a while.

Knowledge isn’t the issue.

It’s something internal that I haven’t mastered yet, maybe it’s a level of resistance that I just haven’t had the gumption to face.

Here’s the thing about a goal, any goal, your brain will try to resist the change. It’s designed to keep you safe and for whatever reason, it deems change as dangerous.

So, here’s what I think about goals, particularly large ones like weight loss – you have to put your whole life toward reaching that one goal.

Unlike a goal to say lose 5 kilos, losing a large amount means devotion and focus to that one area.

When there is a big goal then that has to be your main focus until you reach it. I believe it can only be one big goal at a time because dividing your time between 2 or more goals spreads your focus too thin – challenges require your full attention.

This isn’t my first rodeo at this weight thing. I lost 35 kilos around a decade ago and looking back it was my only goal and focus. So, I know I can do it again. I went to work, exercised and learned to cook healthy meals that was it for 7 months straight.

Resistance seems to be easier to tackle when you throw yourself into one task at a time.

Where do you have resistance in your life? What goal haven’t you reached because it’s been more challenging than you expected?

Perhaps if we all committed to one goal at a time we’d have a better shot of reaching it. Just a thought.