My Experience with Dating Burn-Out



Sladana Mitrovic
30 March 2019

Before I understood the Law of Attraction, I was like a dating machine. I thought the more I dated the better the chances of meeting ‘the one’.

I was wrong.

My endless dating of men only ever got me to one place, burn out!

As someone who didn’t find ‘the one’ till my mid 30’s, I’d had many streaks of burn-out.

Taking a short break between burnouts before trying it all over again.

I didn’t take any breaks from dating to regroup or re-evaluate my strategy, I just kept diving in head first, time and time again.

It all led me down a path to being burned out by the process entirely.

I remember I’d make a date, probably my 5th for the month, take an hour to get myself ready, drive there and within a few seconds I know he’s not the one.

I used to stare at my date while playing a mini-drama in my head recalling the endless hours I’d spent talking, texting, emailing this guy then making the effort to turn up and realising I’d wasted my time, again!

It’s was at this point I’d emotionally withdraw and feel discouraged but still wanted to keep going hoping to meet the one.

So, I’d get back online without a moment's rest and keep trying.

Only now it’s not working. I’ve disconnected from the faces on the screen.

But I kept up the good fight and scroll and scroll and go through the emotions hoping something would be different this time.

I personally think if you’re feeling the burn out then be authentic and stop the cycle. If you can’t be bothered looking for a new person to date, then go find something else to do.

Time to take up a new hobby or go take a short course because that break could be just the refresher you need. Come back to it when you’re feeling rejuvenated and maybe have a better strategy in mind.

Dating burn out is real and I am here to tell you that it’s ok to leave it for a while. Don’t be afraid of missing an opportunity because the right person will be waiting when you get back, I assure you.