Learning to Say Yes


Jennifer Robson
29 February 2016

“No” can be more than just a word it can become a lifestyle. If you find yourself often saying “No” you are refusing new ideas new possibilities and the chance to make unexpected discoveries. Whenever you say “No” to life, you miss an opportunity: to discover something new, to try something you haven’t tried before, to learn and grow, to find some aspect of yourself or others that you missed before.
There are many reasons why we are inclined to say “No” instead of “Yes”. It's normal to fear harm so we tend to say no to anything, which we perceive, may put us at risk.  Total safety is rarely a viable option. Are you gravitating toward the safest option?
Many of us are worried about saving “face” in some cultures this is even more apparent. We don’t like to show our vulnerabilities so we choose no rather than testing our true limits.
Love of Comfort also plays a huge part in our decision to say no. The more successful we become the more we feel we have to protect the less likely we are to try new things which may put our comfort at risk. 
Many of us also have a tendency to gravitate towards being in control. Saying yes often means giving away a measure of your control and trusting someone else to take responsibility. 
It’s impossible to say “Yes” to everything, and it's really important to know how to say “No”. But before you say either consider the impact that choice will have on your life.  Are you limiting yourself by not trying something new with a friend for example or are you making time for something that’s more important to you by saying No to unreasonable requests and burdens?
The more choices and possibilities you have before you, the more potential you have. The only way you can increase your own possibilities is by choosing to say “Yes” more often. 
Saying “Yes” even if it appears to be risky can also provide you with a “safety net” or “insurance policy”. If you try something new and it doesn’t work out you have learnt a lesson.  You have experienced change and learnt how to cope. If you do it regularly you become very good at managing change. If on the other hand you regularly say “No” and have created a safe predictable environment when the day comes when a major change happens you will struggle to deal with it. 
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