How to Stand Up for Yourself


Jennifer Robson
4 January 2018

Standing up for yourself can be really challenging but it's really important that you do. So in this blog, we will help you to identify ways that you can stand up for yourself and protect your needs.   

Bullies target people who they consider to be weak or lacking in confidence.

So having confidence in yourself is one of the ways of protecting yourself from attack. But it's not that simple to just have confidence. Confidence is a skill you have to learn. The good news is there are lots of ways that you can improve your confidence including learning a new skill, losing some weight or repeating positive affirmations.  
Throughout The Happy Single eCourse modules we talk a lot about the power of setting goals. Goals really are a great way to give you a sense of purpose and take control of your own life. You can use the SMART system to set ambitious but achievable goals. Remember when you achieve your goals to celebrate your success and have confidence in your achievements. 
Your attitude is also vital to your success. In the modules, we showed you how to create a journal and practice gratitude. It's hard to attack someone who is self-aware and has a very positive approach to life. 
Its also really important to not view yourself as a victim. Everyone has had some negative experiences but by talking through these experiences with someone you trust and rationalising them you can put them behind you and stop them from framing your future outlook.  
Be assertive. Express your wants, needs, and preferences. Demonstrate that you are prepared to stand up for yourself while still respecting the other person. Be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings, while trying to work towards a mutually satisfying solution.
Finally, learn how to say no. Learning how to say no is one of the hardest but most important ways of standing up for yourself. If you tend to be a "yes" person who never wants to let anyone down, you risk becoming a doormat who everyone walks all over and takes advantage of. 
Decide what's really important to you and live your life by your values it's the most empowering step you can take!
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