It’s Not About Giving Up Completely, It’s About Giving In


Sladana Mitrovic
14 March 2019

If we want to change anything in our life it takes some practice.

Following on from yesterday’s blog, if you haven’t read it, I suggest you go back and read it because we are now at the step where the actual work starts.

Remember, anything worthwhile is going to require some grit.

While this next step is going to challenge you, it is the most crucial part of the process, cleaning up your negative beliefs.

As I mentioned in Blog 4, I wanted to stop being my own saboteur so that meant being honest with my limiting negative beliefs.

Take out a piece of paper or open a new document and at the top of the page write down what it is you want to attract into your life.

For the sake of this blog let’s assume you want to attract a great man into your life.

Then beneath that, you’re going to reach into the darkest parts of your mind and write down every single one of the thoughts that are hindering you from getting what you want.

Do you believe there are no good men left, or that you don’t feel you deserve a good man?

Write it all down. Take your time, do this methodically.

Look at your lists from yesterday, do they trigger negative emotional reactions in you? If so, write them down.

Don’t stop writing until you feel you’ve got most of them down.

Then I want you to write an opposite positive statement for each of the negative ones.

This list is so important in shifting old tired negative beliefs that don’t work for you.

Read this list of positive statements every day until it becomes your new normal.

It usually takes around 22 days to form new habits and beliefs systems so make sure you keep it up every day.

Even if it takes you a little over 22 days, it’ll be well worth it when you start attracting positive things into your life.

You can do this exercise for every dream or goal you have because we do have another set of negative limiting beliefs for just about everything.

Trust me you’ll change the course of your life by being proactive.