How Taking a Break from Dating Changed My Life


Sladana Mitrovic
10 March 2019

My life changed the moment I decided I’d had enough disappointment and was taking myself off the dating scene.

The first thing I noticed was the relief of not having to keep the search going.

I don’t know what anyone else’s dating experience is but for me it was madness.

Disappointment after disappointment really takes a toll of your hope and excitement of finding lasting love.

So, when it all stopped this feeling stopped too.

I won’t tell you that stopping was easy, because it wasn’t, for me as a 30+ year-old woman deciding to stop dating was like waving goodbye to the possibility of ever having children or love itself.

But I was miserable, I couldn’t go on the same way any longer, I didn’t have a fake smile left in me to meet anyone new.

I say fake because, by the end, dating had become a job I hated.

This one decision to stop dating changed the course of my life, it is the reason we are all here today.

The significance of taking a dating break is big and it has the potential for big things.

It gave me the chance to go inside myself to rediscover me again.

Who am I now, I’d lost touch with her and I wanted to get to know her again.

This alone gave me so much joy, finally being able to turn inward and feel nourished by the attention I was now giving myself.

I had been mindlessly dating for so long that I’d neglected myself in the process, my cup was empty, I had nothing left to give.

With an empty cup, I couldn’t do much in the way of making good choices. I got to a point where it all became meaningless.

I needed to go internally and tend to myself before I could even imagine going out there again.

In that time, I also reconnected with friends on a much deeper level. Spent countless hours exploring spirituality and the Law of Attraction with a dear friend and it felt incredibly fulfilling.

Since I had put an end to a part of my life that had come to be a chore, I felt so much more present in my life and with my circle of friends and family.

Even now, that feeling of coming home I had many years ago during my break from dating fills me with so much peace because I remember not feeling lost and vulnerable anymore.

If you’ve ever considered or are taking a dating break as we speak then I hope you enjoy this time as much as I did.

As long as you’re willing to also do some personal improvements then this time will also change your life.