How Can the Law of Attraction be Used to Release Weight


Jennifer Robson
22 June 2017

The law of attraction is a universal principle that states that you attract to you what you are. "Like attracts like." So if you are overweight and keen to release weight how can you use the law of attraction to help you?
The law of attraction states that you create your reality through the power of your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts create your feelings and beliefs, your beliefs create your attitudes, and your attitudes influence and shape your actions.
Weight loss is a big problem for lots of people. It can be a very emotional topic, tied up with guilt, shame and regret.  Being overweight can cause you to have feelings of sadness, fatigue, in some cases depression.  So it is important to tackle your emotional state before using the law of attraction as like attracts like and you do not want to attract more negative feelings and emotions and weight gain.
So what can you do to change your emotional state to attract weight release rather than attracting more weight?
When you look in the mirror if you don’t like what you see or you have negative thoughts about your appearance you are sending a negative vibration out to the universe which can manifest itself in weight gain. 
If on the other hand you visualise yourself at your ideal weight and visualise how good you feel you can start to manifest real results. 

What you need to do first is cut out the things that make you feel bad about yourself.

  1. Stop looking at other people and constantly comparing yourself to them.
  2. Stop reading fashion magazines and comparing yourself to celebrities and impossibly slim models
  3. Stop looking at the areas of your body that you dislike and instead practice gratitude for the bits you love

Focusing on the negative will only bring more of it to you. You need to replace it with a positive. 
Caring for your body and thinking positively about how it is supporting your life can help you to take actions to release weight.  You need to recognize what’s great about you.
The truth is that as soon as you start really looking, you’re going to find lots of things that are really great about yourself.
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