Extra Tips for Solo Women Travellers


Jennifer Robson
26 October 2017

As you embark on your solo travel journey we’d like to help you on your way with a few more travel safety tips. But before we do that we’d like to remind you that while your safety is paramount, its also important to remember why you are travelling in the first place.
You’re travelling because you’re wanting to taste what life has to offer, to make sweet memories and to feel as though you have accomplished something. 
But staying safe whilst travelling abroad alone is about being prepared, being open-minded, aware and alert. Trust your gut instincts if something doesn’t feel right then it's probably not. 

When travelling you have to understand your surroundings and act accordingly. Be self-reliant and well prepared so that you don't need to depend on someone unless you want to. Research in advance can help you to adapt as much as possible.
Look more deeply at the location you have chosen. Is it easy for you to travel alone? Are their lots of places to eat or drink nearby? Are the streets safe to walk? Don’t immediately book a room just because it’s a great deal. Make sure that the hotel is located somewhere safe that allows you to do and see the things you want to whilst on your holiday. 
You should research what to wear, how to carry yourself, and what is acceptable behaviour. You know the obvious stuff like not flashing valuables around and not getting drunk. But its also important to understand some of the subtleties of the culture your visiting, for example, taking off your shoes before entering a temple.  
When you arrive be proactive. Find the bus station and train station in advance and know how long it takes to get there from your accommodation. Does it feel safe? Where can you wait safely? What services does it have? Reconfirm your departure time. Cafés, including busy Internet cafés with long hours, are a safe and productive place to wait.

Stay Connected
It's tempting to completely detach from your daily life so you can totally relax on your holiday. But as a solo traveller, this is not the most sensible thing to do. Emergencies happen. You could lose your luggage or something more serious. Protect yourself by having phone and internet access. Social media is another great way to stay in touch while travelling. A few photo uploads and messages to friends keep them aware of your activities.

Let Others Know Your Itinerary
You should have an itinerary. Send immediate friends and family your itinerary with your day’s schedule and set up regular times to check in. And don’t forget to provide them with the address of your accommodation. 

Don’t Carry All of Your Personal Items in the Same Place
Keeping everything in one purse or wallet means it can all get stolen if someone robs you. While it might seem like a pain, utilizing multiple storage locations for your personal items is the best plan.

  1. Carry cash, a map, a guidebook, and a phrase book.
  2. Walk purposefully with your head up
  3. Look like you know where you're going.
  4. If you get lost be savvy about whom you ask for help – (look for women and families)
  5. Go into a store or restaurant to ask for directions or to study your map.
  6. When you use cash machines, withdraw cash during the day on a busy street, not at night when it's dark with too few people around.
  7. Dress modestly to minimize unwanted attention. Take your cue from what the locals wear.
  8. Try to stay with a group when exploring, and avoid walking alone at night, particularly in unlit areas with few people around.
  9. Use facial expressions, body language, and a loud firm voice to fend off any unwanted attention.

Travelling alone can be scary, but it's also an incredible opportunity to travel the world, experience new cultures and develop new skills in your own way and in your own time.
Do your research, decide what you want to gain from the trip and what comforts you need to make yourself feel safe and secure. Plan how you will communicate and stay connected, this will help you stay safe and could also be a really great way of capturing your memories so you have something wonderful to look back on when you do return home.
Be a smart traveller, look back over our tips to make sure you're staying safe and remember to trust your gut instincts if something doesn’t feel right then it's probably not. That being said, this is your adventure enjoy it, be excited by it and have fun.
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