Do You Need to Focus on Yourself Right Now?



Sladana Mitrovic
25 March 2019

When you read the title of this blog did you feel a surge of aliveness, a feeling of “yes this is what I need!”

If you did then your body is trying to send you a message to take some time off anything external that’s taking your attention away from yourself, and that may include dating.

In today’s social climate we tend to focus outward especially when it comes to social media.

We scroll endlessly never really giving ourselves a break. We believe that what we are looking for is outside of us when in reality the pot of gold of our dreams being inside.

When we focus solely outward, we neglect to listen to or tend to our own internal garden.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.
You will spend every second of your life with yourself so remembering to turn inward can feed your mental and emotional health and propel you in ways you never imagined.

An empty internal cup cannot provide you with ideas, solutions or proper rest. The external can only inspire you to take internal action IF we are in the receptive mode to hear the message.

But when we are mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Twitter, we’re not fully present and open to receiving the great quotes that pop up in our feed every day.

It feels like we just searching but never truly absorbing anything really. Just killing time until…..

There is no time to kill before something takes happens. Now is all we will ever have.

If you’re going to spend time looking for inspiration you may as well be present-focused so you may receive it adequately.

If we implement just one thing today let it be the call to try and focus inward for 5 solid minutes.

Check inside right now, what is your spirit trying to tell you?

Is it to go for a walk in nature or to finally read that great book you bought months ago?

Whatever it is, just do it.

And remember what I said in blog 28 on How to Get Out of Funk, motivation only lasts around 5 seconds.

So, when you feel called to take action you have 5 seconds to start it before resistance talks you out of it.