Destiny Will Only Meet You Half Way


Sladana Mitrovic
27 February 2019

Another thing I wish I could tell my single self.

Sitting and waiting for my destiny to arrive is the single most insane thing I’ve ever done.

Action attracts your desires.

Staying idle will not.

The Universe needs to see you’re willing to take the steps toward your dreams of world travel, that degree you’re secretly longing to do or finding that great relationship.

Unless you show up in some fashion ie. saving for that trip, enrolling in that degree or doing the internal work to make you the best girlfriend possible then you’re really not moving in any direction or maybe even backwards if you’ve got limiting beliefs.

The Universe rewards action takers FULL STOP.

If you want to make your dream a reality then get determined, find the fire inside you or at the very least make enquires about it – any action is always better than no action at all.

Today make a list of all your goals, be brave, you’re limiting beliefs might try to even stop you from doing this much but you must persevere. Be honest with yourself – be proud of your goals – you’ll never reach them if you have goal shame.

Now expand that list. What is the first step you need to take to reach each of these goals?

Do the first step.

You’ll build enough momentum to keep you going, your spark will have been lit just by doing this first step.

Be aware resistance will try to sabotage your effort. Our subconscious likes to keep us safe and doesn’t understand that keeping us “safe” from our dreams isn’t safety.

Push, persevere, move past the resistance, eventually the resistance will diminish enough that you’ll be moving faster toward your goals.

Take the first step and do it now. Yes, you reading this right now I’m talking to you. This means you.

Overthinking it gives resistance time to talk you out of it.

Just do it.